Throw away your baby sleepsuits, the little creature is now a teenager! Bringing up teenagers is no lesser than a rollercoaster ride according to Gary from And that’s because teenagers themselves are such a bundle of confusion, chaos and adding to this weird wreck are raging hormones. Teenage is the rebel phase which keeps most parents on their toes, along with fingers crossed of course. Parents want their best for their kids, but at the teenage phase the children feel that all their parents want to do is oppose and restrict their freedom and movements. After all, all they want to do is browse right? And let’s accept the fact, bringing up teenagers is difficult and can get on your nerves too. Hell, my daughter lost one of my most expensive pieces of jewelry (it was a vespertine alexandrites warn you), and I was just standing there shaking when I found out. But hey, there’s always a way out of everything right? So here are a few ways to deal with your teenagers according to


Pump up their self-esteem and confidence:
Teenage is a phase where the body undergoes a lot of changes. While some teens thrive in this phase and become more confident about themselves, most don’t. They begin to feel that their bodies have become weird and this makes them withdraw into a shell. You need to talk to them, make them understand that growing up is a beautiful part of life and that even you went through the same. Narrating a few personal experiences – funny, weird, embarrassing– will assure your child that their changing bodies are a totally normal phenomenon!

Establish rules:
Multiple studies show that the teenage years is a rebel phase – they will want to break the rules. So what you have to do here is sit them down and make the regulations together. This way, they know that they are involved in it and will have a fair idea of the rules being established. And make sure they stuck to the rules. If something is not followed make sure you let your teen know it. You have to be pretty open in conversation and ensure that the ground rules are meant to be followed and not broken.

Get used to their freedom and independence:
Teenage brings in a newfound sense of independence and freedom. Parents have a hard time adjusting to this as it wasn’t quite a long while long ago when that san=me ki9d would listen to everything said by the parents. But this is teenage – your kid will not listen to you. You have to get used to their independence in doing things, in making decisions, but at the same time, you need to keep a watch and make them realize when they make a mistake. Ensure your teen knows that there will be consequences for every mistake they make.

Spend time together:
Nothing is more beautiful and fun than going through this phase and outgrowing it together. Ask your teen what they love to do the most and if possible, make an effort to enjoy those activities with them. Teenage will bring in a lot of differences among the both of you, so finding common ground will be really helpful. Spend time together, it will make your teen understand that you genuinely care for them and they will reciprocate in the same manner.