This week we continue our tour around the world in the kitchen. That is, we prepare and eat a meal which is native to a particular country.Then, as part of the activity the kids and I enjoy researching and chatting about the culture, geography, cuisine and any other fun facts relevant to that particular country or region of the world.The kitchen is a perfect place to spend some quality family time preparing and enjoying wonderful foods while enhancing our knowledge of other cultures.

Given the fact that it’s been over a year since we last used our pricey pasta maker, and it has been collecting dust in the pantry, I told the kids, er… gently suggested to them that we revisit Italy this week.

The boot-shaped peninsula that reaches out into the Mediterranean Sea never fails to fascinate, and is the origin of some of the most scrumptious cuisine in the world. Plus the history, art, architecture and culture are almost beyond compare.